Julie Harrold Architect is an architectural consultancy based in Fremantle, Western Australia. As an urban design based architectural practice I take on a whole of project philosophy, working with the broad context and drilling down to detail design. I am passionate about the built environment and how it works as a whole, in particular streetscapes as a collection of buildings and activities, rather than as individual solutions or design outcomes. This has led me to work in regional town development and refurbishment, design guidance for estates, and detail architectural design work. I enjoy this variety of scale and richness and am able to draw upon a range of skills from architecture to urban design with a high level of graphic and communication skills.

I have worked as an architect/urban designer honing my skills over the last 15 years for various architectural and planning firms and as a sole practitioner since 2007. I have a focus on urban design and architecture, drawing upon a background of built form experience with a variety of building types as an architect; applying this knowledge to create design solutions for the urban environment that have commercial reality, striving to achieve beauty and well crafted design. Download a copy of my CV